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Art Photography

Welcome to Studio Michel Ange Paris, your professional photographer in Paris 16. I am committed to capturing the essence of your personality through the work of a photographer. My clients choose me for my discretion, my professional quality and my ability to bring out the best in each individual in front of the camera.

Scheduling a shooting session in my photography studio is more than just an appointment. This is the opportunity to create beautiful images, a unique moment that will immortalize your image. Every photo session begins with careful preparations, to ensure that everything is ready to take photos that will perfectly illustrate who you are.

Whether it's for a corporate portrait, to illustrate your job, or for a more personal photo session, such as a pregnancy photo for a future mother, I'm here to enhance every moment. As a fashion and portrait photographer, I know how much every detail matters – from precise framing to carefully selected sets, not to mention the importance of natural light.

For each shot, I work with a professional makeup artist to make you feel comfortable and to ensure quality photos. Plus, post-processing, including retouching and high-definition enlargements, ensures that my photos are always of exceptional quality.

I like to capture authenticity, so I always try to create a bond between us during the shooting sessions. Posed portraits have their place, but I prefer to capture the moment, using my instant photography expertise to produce beautiful photos that truly represent you.

If you are looking to do a shoot to make a photo book or you just want to take pictures, I will be happy to accompany you. Calling on a professional photographer like me means guaranteeing quality shots, whether digital or film.

A photo session at Studio Michel Ange Paris can also be an excellent gift idea. Surprise your loved ones with a gift voucher for a professional photography session, or offer them beautiful prints from our sessions. Whether you're looking for a portrait artist for a maternity shoot, or a wedding photographer to capture your big day, I'm here to help you create lasting memories.

Photography is my passion and my job. I am a Parisian photographer dedicated to creating unforgettable moments for you. I invite you to discover my universe, through my photos. Come meet me and you will see how I can turn your moment into a work of art.

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